Murray High is conducting a parent/guardian election for the School Community Council each weekday September 8-15, 2022 from 7:30am to 3:00pm.  Only parents/guardians of current students may vote and voting will be conducted by secret ballot in the main office.  Voters will be required to show ID and sign in with the main office secretary before receiving a ballot.  The candidates for the 5 open positions are as follows:


Ryan Brimley – Parent of a 10th grader

“I served on the community council for the last couple years and would like to serve for another term.”

Demetrio Cabanillas – Parent of a 10th grader

“I am a former school teacher, retired from Jordan School District.  At Copper Hills High, I was a teacher’s advisor, academic chair and a foreign language department chair.  Graduated from Brigham Young University which I attended on athletic, track, scholarship.  I served as USA – track and field Utah Association president for 20 years.  My children attended Murray High and competed for the school track, later, they graduated from Utah State University and got their master degree too.  I am invested in education and our service to our students must be a first priority.”

Cheree Larson – Parent of a 11th grader

“I have served on the MHS Community Council the past two years.  I have really enjoyed representing parents and students on this committee.  I have five children.  Two have graduated from MHS.  I have kids with learning disabilities and kids who are honor students.  I love being involved in the schools and trying to advocate for kids of all abilities.  I would love to continue serving on the high school community council.”

Quentin McRae – Parent of 10th & 12th graders

“My family has been involved with the Murray Schools for the last 12 years with my children going through McMillan, then Hillcrest, and now MHS.  My wife has been the PTA president at the elementary, and now I am in a position to help in the community council at MHS.  I’m looking forward to helping move forward.”

Brook Myers – Parent of a 10th grader

“I would love to contribute, understand, and research the plans and proposals that will help to facilitate school decisions.  I am currently employed as a Director of Administrative Operations (Accounts Receivable and Payables) for a privately owned Logistics company in SLC Utah.  I was a MHS Graduate in 1999, completed my undergraduate at the University of Utah, and Master Degree at Westminster College.  I spend my spare time giving back to the community through coaching and mentoring female teenage athletes.  I believe in education, safety and proper allocation of funds!  GO Spartans!”

Stephanie Richter – Parent of 10th & 11th graders

“I served on the SCC at McMillan Elementary for 2 years.  I am in the second year as the PTSA President at Hillcrest Jr. High.  I am enjoying being involved in our schools and want to help in a way that will impact our students, teachers and schools to ensure we are doing all we can to help them succeed.”

Nofo Teo-Utu – Parent of a 12th grader

“I have been a very active parent for four daughters in all PTA and school activities through various like sports consulting students how to cope with school especially academically.  I always volunteers too for what ever subject that needed my help or in school activities.  I love being with kids its just my area of encouraging parents too for a healthy environment and be safe for these days social media is the most impact to their lives.”