AP or Concurrent Enrollment




AP Classes

AP classes are the most challenging classes offered in high school. They require a great deal of time
and effort, but are a good way to challenge yourself and see what college level coursework is like.

Social Studies Math Fine Arts Science English Foreign Language
AP US History AP Calculus AB or BC AP Studio Art 2D/3D AP Biology AP English AP Spanish
AP World History   AP Music Theory AP Psychology    
US Gov and Politics     AP Chemistry    
AP Comparative Gov     AP Physics    

AP Credit Awarded by Colleges

Concurrent Enrollment

CE Classes

Concurrent Enrollment is a great way to earn college credit while you are in high school. Please keep in mind that these are college level classes and will require extra time and effort to complete. No college credit is earned for any grade below a C. While you may withdraw from or drop SLCC classes at certain points in the semester, receiving a withdrawn grade on a college transcript may have an adverse effect on financial aid eligibility.

Intro to Music – MSC 1010 Intro to Writing – ENG 1010
Intro to Drawing – ART 1020 Effective Comm. – COMM 1010
Intro to Photography – ART 1050 Public Speaking – COMM 1020
Personal Finance – FIN 1050 Intro to Biology – BIO 1010
Intro to Marketing – MKTG 1030 Human Bio – BIO 1090
Intro to Business – BUS 1010 Biotechnology – BTEC 1010
Comp Prog – CSIS 1400 and 1410 Quantitative Literacy – MATH 1030
Film Making – FLM 1045 Intro. to Statistics – MATH 1040
Construction – BCCM 1010-1260 College Algebra – MATH 1050
  Trigonometry – MATH 1060