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Work-Based Learning Experiences

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to learn about a specific career by enrolling in an Internship or Related Work Experience class. Paid or unpaid experiences are available. By participating in these programs, students can develop workplace competencies, set education and career goals, and increase awareness of career opportunities.


An internship is a structured work experience which involves practical application of previously studied theory. Each Monday/Tuesday intern student attends class with the internship coordinator at Murray High School. The internship program is limited, and seniors are given priority. Any student interested in an internship should apply with the internship coordinator. The internship coordinator’s office is located in the Career Center. An intern student must complete 36 hours at the internship site each term in order to earn .25 elective credit.

Related Work Experience

Related Work Experience provides students with a paid, hands-on career development experience. Under the guidance of adult mentors, students learn to work in teams, solve problems, and meet employers’ expectations. This on-the-job training provides opportunities for juniors and seniors that are directly related to the student’s career goal and course of study. In order to receive elective credit, the student must regularly submit their pay stub to verify hours worked. Assignments regarding the work experience are also required.

Juniors and seniors interested in this program should apply in the Career Center. The participating business, the student, and the Related Work Experience Coordinator develop a written training and evaluation plan to guide and measure the progress and success of the student.

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