As we approach colder weather seasons, it’s time to remind and review our Inclement Weather Protocols with Murray families. As always, MCSD will make every effort to keep schools open and operating with safety for students and educators as our highest priority.

Along with continuing as normal, we maintain three options for handling hazardous conditions:

  • Late Start
  • Remote Learning
  • Full Closure

Late Start

First is a late start, which moves school back two hours from the regular schedule. Bus schedules will also operate two hours later; however, all pre-school classes will be canceled that day. School breakfast and field trips will also be canceled.

Remote Learning

The next option is a remote learning day where students and educators will conduct school digitally (from home). Where possible, teachers and students will be directed to take their Chromebooks home the day before an anticipated storm. Teachers will post school work in ParentSquare and Canvas two hours after the regular start time.

Students will be expected to complete assignments on the remote day by 3:00 pm the following day to avoid an absence. Teachers will be available to assist students on remote learning days from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Meal programs will be suspended for the day, as will field trips. Other events and activities will be evaluated, and those impacted will receive communication.

Full Closure

The final option is a full closure where buildings are closed, and no remote learning or other normal school functions will be operational. This type of closure will necessitate a make-up day on the calendared no-school day to ensure we meet minimum requirements.

Communication is Key

As with all situations, we will communicate with families through multiple channels as we recognize some conditions can severely disrupt Internet, electricity, and phone services. As part of our internal communication protocols, we will send phone, text, in-application, and email messages through ParentSquare.

But we will also post information on the district and school websites, social media platforms, and with our local media partners (radio and TV). Please avoid sharing information based on speculation or what other districts might be doing to help us with the accuracy of details.

While we can’t always predict weather forecasts accurately, as stated above, we will seek to anticipate potentially hazardous conditions and send students home with their Chromebooks.

Be assured we will be up early – hours before the start of school – to watch weather conditions and communicate our intentions for the day as early as possible.

Why In-School Learning Is Important

student in class we are hereAgain, the immediate well-being of our students and teachers is paramount, and we will not risk their safety if conditions are hazardous. We also respect individual decisions to stay home, recognizing that conditions can vastly differ from neighborhood to neighborhood and that some students and teachers commute from outside the district.

However, there are three essential reasons why we seek to have kids in school as much as possible:

  • Research shows that kids do far better academically when learning in person. Lesson delivery and student engagement are optimized in classrooms.
  • We also know that social and emotional engagement with peers and teachers also increases when students are in-person. All students need these interactions to grow and feel supported, but some are particularly vulnerable.
  • Lastly, we understand some families experience food and shelter insecurities, and others have parents or guardians who must still report to work. The supervision and warmth of a school building, along with two meals, is a huge impact on the lives of some students that we can’t forget.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict when hazardous conditions will occur in Murray. However, as you can see, we have a plan and are prepared to act on it as necessary.

Finally, we encourage you to check your Aspire accounts to make sure we have accurate communication information for you. If you have questions or need support, please contact your school administrators and teachers. Click here to review and download a copy of our Inclement Weather Protocols.